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January 5, 2015

Here I am, waiting on the bus this morning… waiting to be in the hands of my dear massage therapist.

It is SO cold.

It is SO cold.



I have two pair of sweatpants on.

When I got on the bus today, a new driver greeted me and asked if I was a regular. I told him I am a regular but that I typically don’t take the bus that leaves at this time.

He continued to ask the other commuters who they were and what their normal schedule is. Many bus drivers don’t seem to care as much, so I think every one was kind of wondering about him.

The bus started driving down the main drag and picking up people and asking them the same questions. One guy even got a little defensive toward the bus driver because he thought the bus driver was interrogating him.

Well, once we’d gotten off the main drag and onto the highway, we were nearing my stop. When I got off the bus driver told me to take one of the local buses next time. I basically had no idea what he was talking about because I’ve been taking public transportation for two months now and no bus driver had ever made a comment like this.

The gist of it is that if you’re on a regional bus but you’re only traveling locally you shouldn’t be on the bus. The problem is that I’ve never taken a local bus, so I have no idea where the bus stops are and such.

After I went to my massage I fiddled with my Google Maps app to find the closest local bus stop. It listed the intersection but even using the walking map, I didn’t know where I needed to be. I decided to wait at the stop that I’ve always waited at and never had any problems with.

The bus soon drove up, and I was glad to notice from a distance that it was a different bus than this morning’s, which meant a different driver. When I got on, though, the driver commented my way that I should take note that he typically doesn’t stop at local bus stops.

What? Seriously? Why has no one ever brought this up until today?

So he let me take the regional bus to travel locally, and it made me feel like a charity case. I felt really uncomfortable to be on the wrong bus.

It all makes sense. Regional buses don’t want to stop at all of the local bus stops for pick-ups and drop-offs because it can put them behind schedule for the regional commuters’ schedules. I mean, I typically travel regionally, and I would hate to be late but I guess it never crossed my mind.

Now I know, and now I don’t know what to do!

Bears says people travel locally on regional buses every day. Most bus drivers don’t have a problem with it, but what if I deal with one of these particular drivers again?

Eventually I am going to have to use the local buses. ‘Guess I’m going to have to check out the bus stops on Google Maps and figure out where the heck they’re all located at so I can travel local successfully.

I don’t like change sometimes.

Anyway, I ended up stopping at the grocery store after being dropped off at my final stop. Before I left this morning, I thought that I may end up stopping for a basic thing or two, like broccoli or almonds or something. Thankfully I was prepared with a couple reusable bags because when I left the store, both were filled to the brim.


My bags were maybe 15-20 pounds each, one on each arm. Why, Sam? Tell me why you are so stubborn sometimes? I’m not really sure why I bought so many groceries, and how I thought I could comfortably carry these one half of a mile home. I stopped about three times per block on the walk home.

In addition to the weight discomfort, I had this morning with two pair of pants on, three shirts plus my jacket, a face mask, a scarf, etc. I still had all of those items on during the walk home but there had been a drastic change in temperature, raising about thirty degrees, since that morning. I was sweating. With snow all over the streets and sidewalks, I decided to strip off my layers on the side of the road. Oh. So. Warm. I heard something about a hurricane being the cause of the temperature change…

It was uncomfortable, mostly because of the weight of my bags, but eventually I made it home.

Next time, bring the suitcase even if you think you’re only going to grab the basics.

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