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January 2015

  • Whole30

    Whole30 Vegan-style: Day 1

    Day 1: Relax. I hadn’t planned for my 90 minute massage to line up with the start date of my Whole30 cleanse, but it did which works perfectly. After 90 minutes of bliss this…

    January 6, 2015
  • Whole30

    Whole30 Vegan-style: Day 0

    I’m optimistic. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling excited or even motivated in the least to begin this elimination cleanse. Being vegan, I have my reservations about cutting even more out of my diet. Speaking of…

    January 4, 2015
  • Before Perú Bus Life

    An Adventurous Sunday.

    Today was a nice break from the normal. A co-worker of mine invited us to her church out in Denver. So, Bear and I got dressed on a Sunday (which doesn’t always happen) and…

    January 4, 2015
  • Before Perú Bus Life


    Today there was a woman on the bus, a mother of a four year old. She was discussing how she had intended to purchase the Elsa doll for her daughter for Christmas. When she…

    January 3, 2015
  • Before Perú Uncategorized

    A New Year.

    2014 has been a year of its own. I spent the last half an hour typing and backspacing, typing and backspacing in attempt to describe this year from the perspective of my heart, but…

    January 1, 2015