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November 8, 2014

I would have helped the guy on the bus this morning. He was short some change. At first I felt for him, but as I watched how he treated the driver I decided I’d keep the change in my bag.

It went something like this:

Bus driver: “It’s $2.25, sir.”

Guy: “Ohhhh…”

The guy, then, makes his way to his proclaimed seat despite the fact that he hadn’t yet paid for it.

Bus driver: “$2.25 please, sir.”

From his seat, the Guy says, “But, this is all I have…” and motions his hand palm up with some coins in it toward the driver.

Bus driver: “Fare is $2.25 or you’ll have to take the local bus.”

To me this made perfect sense. The local bus comes every fifteen minutes, and it wasn’t even cold out. If it were me, I would have been embarrassed to sit down, let alone argue my way into a free ride on a bus that everyone else has to pay for.

Guy: “But you go right by my stop.”

This went on for maybe two minutes or so.

The guy wasn’t planning on exiting the bus. He was going to stay on that bus until he could manipulate the driver… and he did.

I just feel like that isn’t right, but I guess I’ll focus on fixing my own problems before I look into his.

I have plenty of my own… Don’t we all?

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