A few small updates.

August 29, 2015


Before we came to Peru I was excited about the idea of sharing every adventurous moment with you all.  Last night I was looking at our blog space though and noticed it’s been a couple weeks!

So here are some tidbits since you last heard from us:

The time zone here is the same as our family in Illinois. Since it’s only an hour ahead of the time zone we had come from, we thought adjusting to the time would be a piece of cake. Well, we were kind of wrong. It gets dark here in Arequipa at 6pm or so, and by the time 7pm rolls in it is as dark as what 10pm looks like in Colorado. It’s been rather comical these last couple weeks because it’ll be dark out, and one of us will say something like, “Well, it’s getting late. We should hit the hay… What time is it?” That’s when we notice the time is just past 7pm. I have forced myself to stay awake until 9pm some nights just so we won’t wake up at the crack of dawn. But maybe that wouldn’t be so bad…

Next, I’ve been in Spanish school since a week after we arrived. It’s amazing to learn a new language and to practice the things the teachers are teaching. I love it. The downfall is that my brain is tired by the time I get back from school. By the time I’m done with homework I am usually exhausted. That could be a contributor of being ready to fall into a deep sleep by 7pm.

As I think Bear mentioned we found ourselves an apartment. It’s the cutest little thing. What’s so great is that he and I have been discussing the idea of building a tiny home for some time. This place is so much smaller than our house that now we’re certain we want to downsize when we find ourselves back in the states. This place has been a blessing in itself just to help us figure that out. So far we love everything about having a small house. Cleaning takes probably twenty minutes. We’re talking a deep clean – washing the floor, dusting all of the shelves, etc. It’s amazing. We have more time to do the things we enjoy because we don’t have to spend time doing repairs on the house. Our house isn’t cluttered either which is always overwhelming for me. I like not having a lot of things. Bear enjoys me not having to stress about unnecessary things about the house since it’s just too tiny to worry about. I could go on, but I won’t. We love it and are so grateful to have found it.

Getting internet was a bit of a process, but that has finally come together. We were a bit nervous at first that the internet was going to be a problem and that Bear might not be able to have what he needs with the internet to work from home. The first day we finally got internet it was not working well. You could barely log onto a website because it was so slow. Sadly we had even paid for the fast internet, so we were nervous. (Mostly I was nervous. Bear always holds it together.) Anyway, the next morning the internet was completely down. When he called the company to discuss this with them they apologized and said it was “routine maintenance”. Bear wondered if this really was routine maintenance or if it was going to be like this everyday. Fortunately, the next day it was operating perfectly. We were so glad. Without internet we can’t be here. We have bills to pay back home, and Bear loves the company he works for, so not having internet is not an option. It’s been working well since actually. Even yesterday I rented a show off of Amazon, and it played without a single glitch. Yay!

More later…

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