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An Adventurous Sunday.

January 4, 2015

Today was a nice break from the normal. A co-worker of mine invited us to her church out in Denver.

So, Bear and I got dressed on a Sunday (which doesn’t always happen) and packed up our cold weather gear. (It was supposed to be below ten degrees in the evening, so I brought an entire re-useable shopping bag filled with additional warm clothing.) We commuted over to the Front Range, grabbed a sandwich and a coffee, and then met up with my co-worker (who I’ll refer to as ‘Red’) who offered to bring us the rest of the way.

The drive out to Denver was nice. We talked a bit about the Whole30 detox we both intended to start the following day, about musicians, and about a bunch of random stuff. It was so nice to hang out with someone from work outside of work. Red is a really neat female that I look forward to getting to know more.

The area in Denver was super artsy and eclectic, kind of hipster. We stopped at another coffee shop. Bear got a refill on his coffee, and Red picked up her favorite drink – a mocha with an orange peel in it. The aroma it filled the car with was lovely.

I can say Bear and I had eagerly awaited attending a service at her church because we had a feeling it’d be more like a community of misfits than your typical church, and we had a feeling we’d really like it.

Sure enough, we did. We plan to make the long commute out there next Sunday to experience it all again and see where it takes us. We haven’t been to a church in almost a year, so it was refreshing to get out and be among a community of people who are okay admitting they’re broken and need Jesus.

Red drove us over to the train station after to hop on our bus home. The bus ride home was nice. I worked some more at “The Locust Effect,” and Bear read some more of “When Helping Hurts.” We had a half an hour layover at the next bus stop and grabbed some Mexican salads. After scarfing them down (and me appreciating every bite of beans knowing that tomorrow marks the start of my Whole30), we headed back to hop on the bus that would take us the rest of the way home.

A good night indeed, and I  must eat all the chocolate I can tonight before I have to eliminate sweets tomorrow.

Nom nom nom. Dark chocolate, I love thee.




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