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February 7, 2015

Happy Saturday, folks! Well, happy for you.While you’re at home enjoying your Saturday off, I’m at the salon. Despite the fact that we have good times on Saturdays I am looking forward for the weekend to begin.

Bear is at home today with his co-worker who is helping us re-texturize our ceiling. It’s one of the many final projects we have left for our kitchen remodel. I’m looking forward to seeing everything they accomplish.

I was running a few minutes behind this morning and decided to take my bike to the bus stop. The forecast calls for a beautiful day today, so it’ll be nice to have my bike to ride around town to grab lunch and such later on.


Look both ways before crossing.

On the way home tonight I met a nice sous chef. If he doesn’t join the military in the next couple of months, he’s moving to Austin. No reason. He doesn’t like winter and is convinced Austin is the place to be.

For the record, don’t bike with a latte!



On a side note, I bought a belly button ring from this new socially conscious piercing shop that recently opened up down the street from the salon. Love their shop and the ethics behind what they sell.

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