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Bunnies & Blizzards.

December 26, 2014

In case you didn’t know, there’s babysitting, house-sitting, dog-sitting, anndd… there’s bunny-sitting.

When asked to bunny-sit for a former co-worker of Bear’s, we decided we would. We figured it’d be a little tricky since we didn’t live close to a bus stop that was near their house, but we went for it anyway. (And by “we,” I strictly mean Aaron would do that work, and I would hold the fluffy bunnies.)

The day came where they stopped by our house to say they were leaving – and what do you know! – they leave one of their cars with us to make it more convenient for us to care for their little furry friends. I feel like I should belt out of of those HALLELUJAH melodies at this point, but remember… I have been doing just fine – more than fine – with public transportation, so really it was just nice that taking care of the bunnies was a little more convenient.

Little did I know a sub-zero temperature week of Colorado blizzard would hit us only days later, and I was so SO glad to have a vehicle.

Granted, losing the vehicle at the end of our bunny-sitting experience was not fun. Re-adapting is always difficult, and these past couple of weeks have been colder than the series of coldest days I wrote about earlier. It’s been cold, but it is what it is. Thankful to have had a car conveniently over the holiday so Bear and I could carry out our annual tradition of going to the movie theater on Christmas day. We were also able to pick up yummy holiday foods without lugging suitcases to and from Vitamin Cottage in a blizzard!


Hope you’re enjoying your 25th off…


We sure are!


This is one of two of the female bunnies.


This is one of two of the male Angora bunnies. So fairytale-esque!


And the blizzard begins mid-day on the 25th.



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