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January 10, 2015

Well, there isn’t much to say today. The past couple days I feel like life on public transportation has been a little dull.

I’m noticing since the quarterly switch there are still new faces showing up in the driver’s seat on different routes.

I have (since I was politely scolded) been using the local buses to travel local. I definitely need to figure out which local buses go where though because I’ve discovered that some drivers have no idea where their colleague’s buses are headed to.

The temperatures have been fluctuating so badly around here. One day we’ll have 10 degree weather and the next day we’ll have 45 degree weather. But the days are getting longer, and I’m grateful for that.

Also, I need new boots. I’m not sure if I even told you about that dilemma back in November, but I can’t hold off any longer. The toe area on my boots is so eroded that all I have to do is take one step in melting snow on a sidewalk and my feet are wet… and colllldd. Guess the search begins, and I will have to face the reality of finding an affordable, waterproof, super warm and hopefully fairly traded or U.S. made (incl. materials) boot. I will let you know if/what I find.


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