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November 16, 2014

It’s Sunday. Bear and I are sitting around our place today. What does one do on a Sunday without a vehicle?

We’ve debated going out to see a movie, but that’s a half-mile walk to the bus station, an hour ride there, a walk to and from the theatre, an hour ride back and another half-mile walk home. Is that something we really want to do?

We’ve also debated going to Under Armour Outlet. We have a gift certificate there, and based on what we know about Under Armour, it’s a pretty safe store to shop from as far as manufacturing practices. (Please send me information if you have other opinions.) But, that’s probably an hour and a half bus ride, plus all of the walking to and from and while we’re there… and it’s not bitter cold, but it’s not a sunny day in the park either. Is it worth the effort?

The consensus is…


Neither are worth the effort. We’re staying in today and will get things done around the house. We’ve been working on remodeling the main level of our house for the past ten months or so, and there’s never a dull moment when it comes to projects that could be accomplished.

Oh, I figured out why the bus was fifty minutes late yesterday  morning and left Blue, Cowboy and myself convulsing in the cold of the morning:

The bus wasn’t late. It was on time.

We were waiting for a bus that would come Monday through Friday, which starts much earlier in the morning. On Saturdays, it doesn’t actually start until 9 am. Heh. .Whups. This explains why it got to us around 9:20 am.

‘Ya learn something new every day I suppose!

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