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January 3, 2015

Today there was a woman on the bus, a mother of a four year old. She was discussing how she had intended to purchase the Elsa doll for her daughter for Christmas. When she went to purchase it, they (whoever that was) had apparently been sold out since Black Friday. So, she took it up herself to purchase the Ana doll instead. Christmas morning came around and her daughter didn’t seem to be too impressed with Ana. (Gotta love some First World kids!)

So, since Mom couldn’t find Elsa at whichever store she couldn’t find it at, she has decided that she will start saving up for an Elsa tattoo. Yep, folks. That’s what she said. You may be wondering… why couldn’t she check another store, or try the internet for browsing options? Well, I wondered the same thing, but she seemed to have her mind made up.

She is saving up for the tattoo which she will display just to the outer side of her clavicle bone. As if a permanent marking of her daughter’s current favorite Disney character isn’t enough, she plans to add “Let It Go” to the same place but opposite side of her body.

I was telling a client about this the other day, and I forgot to mention one of the best parts! If she decides to put the tattoo anywhere else, she will have it put on the lower center of the back.

That’s right, all: we’re talking about an Elsa tramp stamp.

You stay classy now!

Ahhh, life is pure entertainment.

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