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enter: nara and the nord.

May 2, 2015

Enter the scene: Nara and The Nord.

It’s safe to assume Bear and I enjoy living with other people. I’ll save my thoughts on this for another post, but I truly think people were meant to live in community. So! We have taken in new roommates, and more so than just roommates, they are dear friends. (I know what you’re thinking: friends and roommates don’t work. Though I appreciate your concerns, you’ll just have to trust that we have spent hours upon hours discussing this with each other, and that we have come to a decision that we think will work for us. More on that later.)

When our longterm friends brought up the idea of moving to Colorado a year or two ago, we (meaning all four of us) never thought that would later involve us living together. Here we are today, though: May 5, 2015 – Cinco de Mayo – and they are currently living in our lower level!

Bear and The Nord go way back – I mean way back. I’m not even sure how long they’ve known each other. It’s a safe assumption that if I made a graph chart on how many years they’ve each been alive, how many years they’ve known each other, and how many years they haven’t known each other, they have known each other longer than they haven’t. (Uhm, does that make any sense?)

I met The Nord six years ago, 4BB (before Bear). I had just graduated beauty school and met The Nord through some mutual friends of ours. I can’t even count how many good memories were made in our friend circle in that time, and sometimes I wish I could just take a time machine back to some of the days if only to be a fly on the wall to enjoy the moments all over again. From gigantic (like, borderline unsafe) bonfires to parties on the farm to practicing our knife-throwing skills, there was never a dull moment. One day I decided to move to Colorado, and that fun came to a halt. Only a few days after I moved into the ranch up in the mountains, The Nord called me to say he was in Colorado and wanted to know if I’d like to meet up with him and his friend, Bear, to go for a hike. Next thing you know Bear and I buy a dog together (literally, days later), and the rest is history. We’ve been more than blessed in our young marriage of just under four years, and even though The Nord may not have tried to set us up, I am incredibly grateful to him for introducing me to my Man.

A couple years later, The Nord found his soulmate as well. Enter: Nara. They got married shortly after. As most friendships go through highs and lows, our friendship with The Nord had experienced a low for a short time there as well. The low didn’t change our love for each other; we just weren’t close. Sometime last year our friendship picked back up again, and I truly believe our friendship with them has only strengthened since. Bear and I feel strongly that they’ll be our friends for life, come hell or high water.

Now that you’ve heard how we all know each other, let’s get back to our small community living situation. Roommates are a pretty serious thing. They’re not just people you invite over for Thanksgiving dinner once a year. Roommates are people you basically see every single day. They must be chosen with care.

We have no doubts these two people are the right fit. They compliment our honest but peace-loving attitudes, and beyond that, they are both amazing individuals in and of themselves. Allow me to offer a brief introduction:

The Nord: 

He’s a warrior type; he stands firmly grounded where he feels he needs to (and especially in protecting the ones he loves). He shows a tender kind of love to those close to him, especially toward his wife. Though he’s a manly man, he also has the ability to own up in his short-comings and apologize. He has a fun sense of humor and proudly wears a beard that (easily) competes with the dudes from Duck’s Dynasty. He has long hair too, like a true Norseman. (Insert embarrassing confession: I felt a strange sense of honor the first time he ever let me trim his hair! Ha!) He’s a welder and a hard worker. A craft beer connoisseur. He likes his meat and appreciates a good bowl of guacamole. I could go on. He’s a good guy, and I couldn’t ask for a better best manfriend for my husband.


Imagine the characteristics of what you would consider a lovely human being to be: she’s just that and more. She’s strong. She’s kind and patient. She is talented in many areas – knitting things so amazing that I would pay money for them, baking – making homemade breads and sauerkraut and such to provide for The Nord. She’s knowledgeable in a lot of areas – like dogs and training dogs, massage and the human anatomy, and threads and such. She’s a lot like Aaron in that she retains information from books very easily. Ya know those types that can just say something about a super scientific thing they read, and they remember the obscure words? Highly impressive. Though she’s all these things, she doesn’t think more highly of herself than other people. She’s balanced, and she’s a great communicator. Did I mention she’s great at communicating? She has this ability to answer questions I have in my head before I ask them, and she tells you how she’s feeling instead of causing you me to wonder. Today, for instance, she asked me if she could hug me and proceeded to tell me how excited she was about us all being roommates; and it wasn’t a measly hug. It was a good hug! I’m looking very forward to the ways we will learn and grow together and challenge each other.

What’s strange is that the four of us have a lot of the same goals. We used to bring up things we wanted to do, and the other couple would respond with, “We want to do that, too!” After many of those responses, we each felt the need to explain that we were not copying the other person. Haha. Now we just try not to even be surprised in our many similarities. To compare our goals and dreams, take two circles and overlap them. In order to fit how many similarities we have with our life goals and dreams, the overlap in the circles would be larger than that not overlapped. It’s a beautiful overlap, too, but our own separate non-overlapped areas balance each other in nice ways. (Are you with me still?) We have plenty of differences too, though- more than I can name, I think. If we were completely the same we would rip each other apart. We’ve also learned lately that Bear and Nara process life similarly, and The Nord and I process life similarly. It’s entertaining to notice the similarities.

Bear and I are excited for this new season in our lives. We are also excited for this new season for Nara and The Nord’s and feel fortunate to be apart of it. We hope to learn a lot from each other and to together grow our friendships and work toward our dreams.

That’s all for tonight, friends.



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