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Enter: Vision Boards.

January 20, 2015

Freyja (our shepherd) and I went for a run tonight and stopped by the bus stop on the way  back to walk Bear home. We chatted, and I mentioned to him that I had cleaned off the dining room table. It has been covered with the makings of greetings cards for about a week now, and I know he just can’t stand it. Thankfully, he just lets me enjoy my crafts without getting annoyed, but I know he secretly wants a clean table. When we got home from our walk, I found myself at the dining room table about to start another project. It was then that I realized I actually didn’t clean the table. You might call it organizing instead (though my husband would agree with my mom that my table was and is not organized by any shade of the imagination.) Aaron came over to the table as I was mumbling, “Gosh, this isn’t clean. What was I thinking?” He caught me talking to myself about a very true fact – that the table was indeed not clean – and started laughing at me. Would you like to see it after I “cleaned” it?

Perfectly organized.

Perfectly organized.

Enter: Vision Boards.

Vision boards are an art form trending at the salon right now. Some of the girls have spent their day off creating a giant collage of photos and words, with the intention of hoping the things they’ve collaborated will come into fruition within a designated time frame. Honestly, I’m not sure how legit I think it is, but! I will say I had a coworker tell me a really neat story about one of her vision boards, so maybe there is an element within hope that gives birth to happenings.

I decided tonight I would make one. I’m not sure I wanted to make one for the sake of a time frame, though. I just wanted to conglomerate some dreams of mine about different areas of my life onto paper in the form of art. I probably spent four hours cutting out phrases and words that caught my eye in a few magazines I had laying around. I also grabbed some fun stickers I knew I had and some scraps of scrapbook paper. With everything laid out in front of me, the fun began!

I’m attaching a few photos from my boards. Oh, and I should mention. I decided to make mini boards for different areas of my life instead of one big one. That way I can stick them all in a small journal-sized binder and add to them later. And! Since we’re trying to eliminate things, I can just slip it in the book shelf. Why  make something so large and just pitch it?

Tonight I covered my visions for me, for my faith and for my marriage. I hope to add “career” and “dreams” boards soon. And maybe one about “my relationships with things.”


My vision “for Me” board: It’s Time For Something New & Amazing.


My vision “for Me” board: Profile traits


Me asking myself if I’m even up for all of the things I hope for!


My vision “for my Marriage” board: Twins, please?!


My vision “for my Marriage” board: It’s the best love story ever to me anyway.


My vision board “for my Faith”: Feed hearts!


My vision “for my Faith” board: Things I Hope to Gain


At least I hope I do!



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