Before Perú Bus Life

From Awe To Awful.

November 6, 2014

On the evening of November 6th, the bus was fifteen minutes late. The weather wasn’t great, and that’s an understatement. I sat in the front and overheard a guy wearing a beanie call the bus company about his transfer. Apparently, he and a couple others would miss the final transfer to the next large city because the bus we were on was late. Apparently, he was out of luck because the bus company had no options for him.

Beanie Guy calmly got off the phone (as if he’d been told no a hundred times) and explained to a blonde guy I waited with at the bus stop and a man with broken English from presumably somewhere in Asia that he was going to make one more call. Beanie Guy called his wife who apparently agreed to meet him at the bus stop to pick him – along with these two other people he’d been helping – up and give them a ride to their next transfer location.

Wow. A small group of people from who knows where coming together on the bus… Love it!

It was so precious to watch the Asian man express his gratitude in whatever English he knew to use. (A thing about me: I love different cultures. I love languages.)

After these three got off at their stop, the bus driver told a story about some guys who missed their stop once because they fell asleep. Apparently, they were smack dab in the middle of a two-hour commute from home to work and woke up half way through, which was the end of the route for the driver. These guys had to stay overnight in this town because there were no more transfers for the evening, and they were too far for someone to pick them up.

That. sucks.

Plain and simple.

But, I suppose some people have vehicles for a back-up plan and others don’t. It makes me wonder who I’m sitting next to and who I want to be to the people I’m sitting next to.

Later on the ride, I experienced the thing (I learned) I hate most about public transportation: the handicap door. (Mind you, this has nothing to do with handicap doors themselves and everything to do with the LOUD BEEPING that occurs when the door opens.)


The beeping started and instantly started annoying me. Why so loud? Why so insistently repetitive?

LOUD BEEPING. Perfectly in sync in its rhythm.

LOUD BEEPING. Still occurring.

LOUD BEEPING. Going on for way too long.

One thing is certain: I do not have the patience for repetitive noises. It causes anxiety and hurts like nails on a chalkboard. But it doesn’t just hurt my ears; it hurts every sense. My eyes feel it; and it’s like I can almost taste how much I distaste it in my mouth.


Please for the love of all that is good… Make it Stoppp!

Loud beeping… and then came the calm.

Although it was still playing over and over in my head, I was glad for the relief.

Admittedly, the best way to torture me might be to put me in a small box with semi-voluminous repetitive noises.

My brain hurts.

Good night.

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