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November 1, 2014

Hi. My name is Sam, and I’ve been wanting to blog about something important for the past couple of years. Annnd, after much consideration, I’ve decided that I’m not just going to have an epiphany that wakes me from my sleep about the perfect blog theme, or name for that matter. First, because too many things perk my interest* or make my heart come alive** to just choose one thing; and second, because… well, I need an outlet now. Not later. Life has been really, really difficult for us this past year as some of you darling supporters know, and I just need to start trying to become myself again – whoever that is. This is why I decided to just start writing. The theme may be basic and ordinary, but life is comprised of a collection of moments, and I want to remember each one along the way.

So, as suggested, here are some things you might end up reading about within this blog space:

*Things that perk my interest: my every day encounters, taking public transportation since having sold both cars, the fact that we didn’t even have our cars for sale and someone bought them, how it is working with a bunch of (albeit lovely!) women, the paleo-vegan diet, our travel experiences, our eclectic diy/upcycle projects that sometimes turn out and sometimes look like [insert synonym of choice for “poop”], our gardening adventures and misadventures,  the random thoughts of an anxious person trying to replace her crazy with a bit of not-so-crazy (oh, that’s me!), owning a home and how our square footage both blesses and vexes me, good books we’ve read, random health suggestions according to us, brands we like according to our lifestyle choice, how it is to live with my in-laws and my biological sister, amusing things that my husband says, and probably a lot of other things that come up along the way

**Things that make my heart come alive: my faith, my marriage, our family, our friends, efforts toward restoring orphans and vulnerable children worldwide, anti-sex trafficking efforts, reducing poverty through reducing violence efforts, our dreams of one day running a self-sustaining children’s home on foreign soil, our dreams of adoption, our dreams of being debt-free, our hopes to one day have a tiny house on a homestead, my dream of becoming an author who later gets asked by some famous producer to make a movie out of my book, our journey of minimizing as told by a well-established Packrat Gatherer of Things, my desire to speak another language fluently, our experiences hosting foreign exchange students, additional random dreams

And so it begins… the written adventures of another married couple. Feel free to join me on the journey of these posts, and if you choose not to, I wish you peace and joy on your journey in this crazy thing called life.


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