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Homework Help

November 9, 2015

Parallel Circuit

Homework Help

I was in the playground installing some bricks as edging around the border when Sofia came up to me and said, “Can you help me with some homework?” My first thought was, uh oh. The last time I was asked this question I was trying to cut sheet metal with an angle grinder without gloves or safety glasses. But Sofia, like all the kids at New Hope are too sweet to say no to.

Turns out Sofia was working on an electricity project for science class. She needed to make three circuits, serial, parallel, and mixed. Electricity is poco diferente aquí; it’s 220v instead of the normal 120v, and the plugs are different too. So we wire up the serial circuit with 3 light bulbs, I warn her not to touch the wires and voila! we had light. Next we put together the ‘mixed’ circuit and I warn her not to touch any wires and voila! we had light. Finally, we try to put together the parallel circuit and I don’t warn her to not touch the wires. She plugs it in and is holding one of the wires so of course she screams, the lights go out, one of the bulbs explodes after she drops it. Lots of laughs ensued once everyone knew everyone was OK.

We then spent the next couple hours trying to rewire various parts of the circuit back together. A couple parts broke, like the switch and a bulb and one of the sockets burned beyond use. So we had to make some adjustments, search for parts in the workshop on the grounds of the home, and eventually after many attempts we got the parallel circuit working.

Of course I mentioned to Sofia before we started that I used to wire up MRI’s and CT’s and a couple of standard circuits wouldn’t be too hard…

*remove foot from mouth*

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