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June 25, 2015

You may have read a thing or two in my blog space about how my roommate, Nara, is extremely good at communicating. She’s that girl you want to have as a friend because instead of wondering what’s she’s thinking she’ll just tell you.

One day Nara said to Bear, “I’m so glad we’re all roommates. Will you please tell Sam that I’m so glad we’re roommates?  Give her a hug for me, too.”

(Try not to be jealous that she doesn’t live with you.)

Later, Bear and I were laying in bed reading, and he leaned over and gave me a big hug and whispered, “I’m so glad we’re roommates.”

Instantly I broke out into laughter because he used his Shamus voice which you’d have to hear to find funny, and the whisper he used was just plain creepy! So we laid there cracking up, and that’s when he informed me that the message and the hug was from Nara. Of course, I wrote a text to her moments later to tell her how he relayed the message. I pressed send and moments later I heard roaring laughter coming from the basement. They also found it funny. Because it was.

Now-a-day Bear likes to lay his head gently on my shoulder or my lap and whisper, “I’m so glad we’re roommates.”

It’s kind of adorable.

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