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September 28, 2015


Great news!

Some generous souls have contributed a lofty sum to the children’s home this past week, and we will be finishing the bakery.

A while back the home thought it would be a good idea to start building a bakery. A great idea indeed it was, but we ran out of funding. A pause was placed on building the bakery, and I’m not actually sure the leaders of the home had in mind to finish it because of the funding situation.

Enter: generous hearts.

For the past week now there have been construction men working toward finishing it. Hallelujah! Bear and I have great feelings about the contributions selling of bread will do toward providing some additional income for the home.

What about you? Do you bake? Or do you know someone who bakes? Do you know anyone who might have tips on what to bake to make your ingredients go the furthest, or who might have ideas of other things to bake where the cost is worth the sale?

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