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August 18, 2015
Thanks for letting me borrow your photo, LCP.

Thanks for letting me borrow your photo, LCP.

When we arrived in Lima we had to get tickets to Arequipa. Sam and I both stood in separate lines to try to find the best price faster. We ended up going with LCPerú. They do things a little different in Lima; when you buy your tickets you have to go to a different counter to check your bags. So we left the ticketing counter and went to booth 22, the booth that the ticketing agent told us to go to for LCPerú. We got in line to check our bags, and it was taking some time. Sam and I started talking about our Spanish and how people probably think we sound really funny, or stupid – one of the two. We looked up and saw the LCPerú baggage people taking down their signs, unplugging their computers, and walking away. Within seconds the entire section that used to say LCPerú all over now said Avianca. We looked at each other and said, “Did that just happen?” We were now in line for an airline that would definitely not be able to serve us. So I found someone with the LCPerú logo on their shirt and asked, “Donde esta LCPerú?” He pointed down the terminal about 30 feet away. We scurried over to the new line and finally got our baggage checked. It’s fairly normal for Peruvian businesses to change up their store fronts at a moment’s notice. Many of the tiendas along the main roads here in Arequipa have large walls that come down over the shops. What once looked like your favorite place for this or that now looks like a condemned building.

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