Before Perú Bus Life

One Month Anniversary.

December 5, 2014

Happy One Month Anniversary to Bear (and myself.) We’ve been without cars for a month now! Who’d a thought the time would go so quickly, and we’d adapt so naturally?

There is a young man in the front row right now. Very sweet and sincerely he leaned into the driver to ask,

“So, when you were a kid did you always think you’d be a city bus driver?”

The bus driver, possibly not realizing the naivety of the young man, responded bare and disconcertingly,


The young man continued,

“I just always thought it was cool – the way buses take the turns and stuff.”

Awkward silence.

No response by driver.

With that, the conversation was over. The young man didn’t make a thing of it. He was simply asking a question.

. . . . .

At one point during the commute, two guys near the front got into a conversation about the harmonica. Apparently they both play and intended to get together for a jam session. They graced us fellow commuters toward the front end with a snippet of them playing and then it was over.

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