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Present Tense

October 31, 2015

Piedra Santa, Arequipa, Peru

I have two observations that have really been on my heart recently. Learning another language opens you up to the true meaning of words; the true meaning of communicating. It has shown me how terrible I am at it. There are so many words to go with so many emotions that we keep inside.

One thing I’ve learned about life from learning Spanish is that to hope is to wait. The word “esperar” means both “to hope,” and “to wait.” I think about this in terms of God because he tells us, “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” When Paul reminds us that all of creation is groaning in eager expectation for the Lord that it is, “in this hope we were saved.” To hope in God is also to wait on him. When life is hard, when you want to escape your circumstances, when you can’t take it any longer, remember that your hope in Him means to wait. The groaning in your spirit is heard. Just wait a little longer. A time is coming when all of this pain, and suffering, and sadness will be wiped away. Just wait. Just hope.

Also, as I’ve been working on Spanish I never learned past tense until recently, and the words are still difficult for me. It was only after I had touched on this topic in my studies that I had to look back and think, how did I survive without such a basic and fundamental portion of language? I couldn’t tell people about my past, I could only tell them what I’m doing now. Imagine life without being able to bring up your past.

I would trust you more if this didn’t happen.

I would love deeper if I weren’t hurt so many times.

I would take more chances, if my chances hadn’t burned me.

Remove the past and see what you have: I would take more chances, trust more, and love deeper.

This hits me so deep to my core because just like you I’ve been hurt so many times. But when you let go of your past all you have is the whole world in front of you. Be present. Let go. I wish a life of present tense for you.

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