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April 11, 2015

What I do when interesting things happen on the bus is send myself an email. I have to be honest: I haven’t sent myself many emails lately. I’ve been a bit stressed with all that I’ve taken on lately, but I decided to share a few of the happenings with you.

March 31st:

This super quirky guy checked me out at the grocery store. Wait, no. How do I say that? The check-out guy at the grocery store was quirky. You get it.

While giggling to himself he said, “6-7-8.”

I looked at him and – after a pause – responded with, “What?”

“7 dollars, or uh, $6.78,” he said. “That’s your total,” he stammered out as if hoped he never actually mumbled the pattern of numbers out loud.

Then, I kind of opened my eyes in a way that implied I maybe felt for him and offered him the gesture of an awkward smile.

Can anyone else please find this humorous with me?

. . . . .

Random day on bus.

Things my husband says:

“I don’t understand grocery store names. King Soopers? Safeway? Is there a dangerous way?”

He’s getting increasingly better at his old man jokes.

. . . . .

This wasn’t on the bus, but I had to email it to myself. This was actually from February 24th.

Setting: Bear and I are in our bedroom. I’m sitting on the floor sorting through junk from our desk. Okay, that’s a lie. It’s not a desk; it’s a TV stand except for you can barely see it because there is so much junk always on it. So, we’re going to call it a desk to make me feel better. Take 2: Bear and I are in our bedroom. I’m sitting on the floor sorting through junk from our desk. He is sitting on the floor merely to keep me company. There are a bunch of random things in the pile I’m sorting out – papers, photos, old mail, bobby pins, notes from meetings, a little yellow hair bow that looks like it’s for a five year old that I bought (for myself) like five years ago that I can’t seem to throw away. (If you remember from the beginning of my posts, I’m a “collector of things”. Granted, I only collect sentimental things, but I’m not even sure why I have 80% of the things in our house anymore. I’m working on that.)

“This is the kind of stuff I save,” I say with a bit of disappointment in myself to Bear.

“A little yellow bow just lying around, taking up space… because who knows if I might want it to use it in my hair down the road. Look at it! It’s barely yellow anymore!”

Aaron looks looks at me with that diagonal-lip-emoticon-face because he knows I want to throw away this little yellow bow, but I can’t. (Am I allowed to blame my father because I’m pretty sure this is a genetic disorder.)

The sorting continues…

Then, I come across this charm-like thing that appears to be that of a ram’s head.

“These are the kind of things your wife saves. I don’t even know what this is. The head of a ram? A ram charm? Where did I even get this, and why do I still have it?”

Bear says, “Oh, no, that’s actually Balrog.”

Me: “What?”

Bear: “Its a fiery ancient demon. He nearly broke Gandolf.”

Me, as if he’s actually speaking another language: “Uhhh…”

Bear: “It goes to a bookmark of mine.”

Me: “Oh?”

Bear: “Dont worry. It’s not real.”

Me: “Mmhm, thank you  for clarifying.”

Bear: “You don’t remember what the Balrog is?”

Me: “Nope.”

Bear: “You know what that means…”

Me: “…We have to watch Lord of the Rings?”

Bear: “Yep!”

This is our life.

And then I had him re-explain the entire Balrog thing over to me, and I didn’t feel as bad about my little yellow bow. If he can save a Balrog charm to a bookmark, I think I can keep a little yellow bow.

In more recent news, I did throw away that little yellow bow. *Sigh of relief* (Mom, you’d be proud!)

. . . . .

April 13th:

I saw a woman get off of the bus today with two beautiful children. What really caught my eye was that she was a “little person”, and her kids weren’t. My point really has nothing to do with little people and everything to do how much I have no idea what it’s like to live anyone’s life but my own.

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    This made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing some moments from your lives!

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      Glad you enjoyed it! Your brother is a nut! 😀

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