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Some Would Call Me Innovative…

December 16, 2014

That’s right.

I pulled a thing of luggage out of the crawl space today to bring on my shopping endeavor.

It’s been over a month of not owning a vehicle, and as far as grocery shopping is concerned, it’s been pretty simple. We order from the awesome company called Mile High Organics. Up to this point they have delivered all of our basic needs. (Although, we did grocery shop for Thanksgiving with Mama and Papa Bear in their vehicle which was super convenient and helpful.) Today, though, I needed to pick up some of the items we buy on a rarer occasion (Coconut Aminos, Sriracha, Yin Yang Hot Sauce, etc.) This trip would require I stop at two stores minimum, and there is no way my shoulders can handle the stress. It sounds sad, because I’m only twenty-six, but I get this burning feeling in my shoulders. It only started since using a backpack for bus life. I’ve tried a lot of things to alleviate the pain (including packing my backpack as light as a small purse,) but nothing seems to work. So, I had to find a way to haul sauces and cans and boxes of food back to the house.

The answer was simple: a suitcase.

It has plenty of space, a secure closing method and – best of all! – it’s on wheels.

I felt a little dumb walking to the bus stop pulling a suitcase behind me, but people go to the airport on the bus every day.

I felt even dumber walking into the local market with a suitcase, but I wasn’t too concerned. I packed my cart in a way that would allow me to hopefully fit groceries in as well and started my shopping.

Packing the suitcase into Lucky's Market's compact shopping cart

Packing the suitcase into Lucky’s Market’s compact shopping cart

A man who works there asked me at one point,

“Are ya leaving us or coming home?”

I didn’t really know what he was talking about at first, and then it clicked.

“I’m just grocery shopping.”

He looked at me, confused.

I cleared it up for him,

“I take public transportation, and this is how I’ve decided to haul my groceries home.”

He and another co-worker nearby thought it was fascinating.

When it came time for me to head to the register, I put my items on the conveyor and positioned myself in the designated Bagger area. I laid my suitcase on the ground, unzipped it, and began loading items in – heaviest and most sturdy items at what the base of the suitcase would be if it were in an upright position ready to be pulled. It seemed easy enough. I was certain someone else had to of done this long before me. I mean, why not?

The cashier was ecstatic about my idea. She said it was a great idea and that she’d never seen it done before.

Next, an old man came waddling in and stopped when he saw my suitcase open on the floor with my groceries in it. He was enamored by the idea and made me out to be some kind of genius. He blurted out that I get out my smart phone and upload my idea to Youtube! (I kid you not; the man was probably in his seventies. I did not suspect when I saw him waddle through the doorway that he’d have the energy level that he did, and I especially did not expect him to know what Youtube was. Who knew! Ha!)

He insisted I tell him more about the birthing of this invention, and though he barely let me get a word’s edge in, I attempted to tell him this was my way of making bus life easier.

“You take public transportation?!” He asked in excitement, like it was a new thing for my area or something.

It was like he thought I was some prodigy who might later shape the way of thinking for my generation… until I unzipped my backpack and grabbed my debit card to pay. He spotted the book in my bag and said, “And you read!” He exclaimed, as though I was his much younger (and much better looking) soul mate.

[Haha. Oh my gosh. It was so entertaining to watch his hilarity.]

It changed in an instant when he asked me what I was reading.

“I’m reading ‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed. It’s about a young girl whose life falls apart, and she tries to find herself by hiking the Pacific Crest –”

“I knew it,” he interrupted in disappointment but apparently not in surprise… because he knew it.

It was like me being this innovative prodigy suddenly got dumped with the bath water when he found out I was reading this book, because somehow I lose my originality if I’m reading a novel that quite possibly hundreds of other people are reading right now as well.

Too funny.

He was gone moments later after making some comments to the cashier. She appeared to be the cashier that was quite possibly the young girl he was fond of before he met me… and is quite fond of again, maybe… since I’m out of the picture now.

The cashier was still so excited about my suitcase after he left and insisted I have some sort of memorabilia for the occasion.

“I was thinking about taking a selfie for my blog, actually.”

“You blog? Oh, how perfect!”

“I mean, it’s just a little blog about –”

“How exciting!” She interjected.

She insisted the photo of me be taken with the Lucky’s Give Bags in the background.

“It’ll be great advertisement for the store!” She said, as I handed her my phone to take the picture.

“Okay,” I said, as I pulled my suitcase over, unzipped it and cracked a smile at her.

And here it is, folks!

And here it is, folks!

As I was zipping up my suitcase getting ready to head out, she reminded me to tag Lucky’s in my blog.

So that’s what I’m doing. Though, I’m quite positive my blog is so much smaller than she probably imagined.

Tag, Lucky’s. You’re it!

Plain old ordinary me hauling my regular old suit case full of groceries to the bustling bus stop with “Wild” on my back. What a day!

And the suit case was a great success. I highly recommend it for my fellow people living the bus life.




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