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The 2nd Very Cold Day

November 12, 2014

Today was the second very cold day since we haven’t had vehicles. I mean, it felt




But, now that I think of it I don’t know that it felt colder than last night… even though it was. Zero degrees.

One thing is for sure, if one wants to make the public transportation thing work out alright, one must have the gear to succeed well. One thing is for sure, I currently do not have the gear to succeed well.

There’s my Columbia jacket, yes. It’s warm, and it’s meant for certain things like skiing in the mountains. My ski jacket is simply not meant for walking in zero degree weather to the bus stop or waiting at the bus stop.

Then, there’s my ski gloves. They work alright, honestly. (In case you’re looking for decent gloves, they’re the TNF Apex ones by The North Face.)

Next, we have the alpaca socks I bought from Krystal Acres on San Juan Island. I wear those under my faux-leather, knee-high boots that are at least four years old and have holes in them. So, the two don’t really compliment each other.

Uhm… then, there’s my cute little winter hat, and oh by the way… when you’re shopping for this gear I speak of to survive the winters on public transit, be sure and use this as a guideline:

CUTE DOESN’T CUT IT when it’s freaking freezing outside.

It does make me feel a little better that I wasn’t actually going for cute with this hat. I bought it in Keystone last year on a ski trip to keep these ears warm, so I carry it with me now for public transportation. Like I said, ski gear is not meant for standing in the cold at a bus stop.

There you have it. That’s my gear. It’s about all I’ve got to stay warm except for adding additional layers that are not waterproof or snowproof. (I will be sure to update this post if my blog goes anywhere and fellow transit riders actually want to know how to shop for gear.)

My final thoughts for the evening:

Zero degrees + wind chill = miserable.

Be glad you can't feel the temperature through this photo.

Be glad you can’t feel the temperature through this photo.

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