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September 21, 2015

This lovely photo was snagged right off of New Hope’s website.

When you hear the term “children’s home” it’s easy to quite literally imagine one home with a bunch of children in it. Yeah? Well, the community of New Hope is a bit different.

We are a community. Our community is surrounded by tall, concrete walls. Inside our walls are three large buildings. Two buildings are dedicated to the children and their tutores (also known as their “house moms.”) The buildings that house the children and their house moms are three stories tall each. On the first floor of the first building when one enters our community are Niñas Uno (girls ranging from five to about sixteen) and Niñas Dos (more girls ranging from eleven or so to nineteen.) Each house has two large bedrooms, a community bathroom, a common area and a kitchen. On the second floor is where the main office is located, as well as the house for babies and young toddlers (mixed genders).

The second building is basically a duplicate but for boys. This building is three stories as well. The first floor is a computer lab with some other un-used space. (Okay, it’s used, but it’s not used well and changes are to come.) The first floor also holds the apartment of the founder of the home. The second story is divided into houses for Niños Uno and Niños Dos, who have been divided similarly in age as the first building. The third story serves as a hostel for our volunteers.

The final building stands directly in the center of the community and holds much significance as it is the original two-story building that housed the children. It has since turned into something else. The lower level is an industrialized kitchen, and the upper level is a giant open room. It has a television on one end and a stage at the opposite end. This space is used for gatherings, like goodbye parties for volunteers and such. Peruvians like to celebrate people. You should see the birthday parties we have here!

Across from the housing building is a line of different buildings: a bakery in-progress, a workshop, a quail habitat, a chicken coop, an herb garden, an empty bunny house and some additional vegetation. To the front of the original buildings are two full-sized courts – one for fútbol and basketball, and the other for volleyball. Behind the original building is a playground. (Now would be a great time to spread the word. We absolutely need a new playground. The one we have was built out of wood, and I am guessing it is several years old since the playground moves while the kids are swinging. I’m pretty sure it’s going to collapse one day, and it would be great if a group of people could raise the funds to come down and build us a new one! Please, if you know people who have money and/or willing hearts, spread the word!)

So, that’s what we are: we’re a children’s home, but we’re more of a community blessed with quite a few buildings and resources inside. There’s so many things we could do to improve the home, but of course that involves funding so please keep New Hope Children’s Home in your constant thoughts and prayer. These children deserve the very best.

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