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The Front Seat

November 7, 2014

There was a man tonight in the front seat*.  I have taken note of some different personalities in the front seat, and this guy is precious.

It’s always weird for me to jot down a note about a conversation someone else is having that isn’t directed toward me. It’s not something I typically do, but it’s something that can’t be avoided when the conversation is loud. I mean, if you don’t want your conversation heard, don’t have it on public transportation. Ya know? But anyway, that’s neither here or there. My point is mostly that I swear I’m not a creeper. It’s just that some things are said loudly, and people can’t help but hear them.

That being said, tonight I couldn’t help but hear a man in the front seat talking to what sounded like his significant other on the other line. He told her over and over (and over) to take a deep breath and relax. He assured her that he was searching for a job, and that he would find the money to buy a ring.

It was so innocent, so precious. A real life moment that I could have never encountered had I been driving in either of our cars, listening to some (really good, btw) songs from Spotify, or Voxing away to my dear Lemonly (a dear friend) in Florida like I sometimes am likely to do during the drive to work.

I’m glad for these moments that refresh me.



*Typically, the front seat is a place on public transportation reserved for people who have unique needs, so I may refer to some of these precious stories as coming from “the front seat.” I do this not to associate in any negative way. I am simply moved by the innocence and unique personalities that comes from these beautiful people.

Then again, Bear sits in the front seat sometimes, too!

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