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April 14, 2015

Here are the joyful totals to date of things I’ve gotten rid of (including consignment, donations and trash):

Tops (tanks, blouses, sweaters, etc) – 75

Bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts) – 19

Bathing suits – 4

Bathing suit cover-ups – 1

Top drawer items – 16

Footwear (Tennis shoes, sandals, slippers, ect.) – 7

Hats – 4

Scarves – 1

Gloves – 1

Books – 25

Music – 32

Etc – 43

Items of Aaron’s (with permission) – 22

Bring my grand total to 250!

Some of the things I held onto had actual value to me because it’s the thing I wore on a particular date; other items were something I hadn’t used in a while but thought I would use; and other items I just hadn’t looked at in order to consider getting rid of them. (Okay, I withdraw my last statement. I knew they were there; I just didn’t want to get rid of them.)

Here are some stories about different items (because I know if you’re either bored enough to be reading this particular post, or similar enough to me in that you collect things you will appreciate these stories.)

#10 – A barely-black-anymore long sleeve shirt with a scoop neck. Cotton. I’ve had it since high school. For the love, Sam! Get rid of it!

#15 – A pink tee we bought in Portland on our second anniversary trip. It has a bee on it and says, “Just Bee Yourself!” That was a great trip.

#18 – Adorable pink shoes with flower-like holes stamped into them. I love them. I bought them knowing they were too small. Americans…

#28 – Bottle jackets from my step-brothers wedding

#41 – A giant canvas painting we bought on our honeymoon. We barely unroll it to look at it let alone hang it. I’m not even sure we knew what we were going to do with it when we bought it, but the man we bought it from in the Dominican was the cutest guy. He carried his Bible around with him saying he loved Jesus and wanted us to have everything in the store. He was adorable, and we wasted way too much money. Sometimes…

In the middle of #72 & #73 in my journal: PANIC ATTACK! Do I throw away my box of extra buttons that comes in those little baggies when you buy sweaters and jackets?! Wait… I’ll put them in my craft area. Yes!

#73 – An old Applebees list with what-he-said-were decent Christian bands written on it. The list is as follows: Chelsea Moon, Josh Garrels (now one of my favorite artists), Listener, Judah & the Lion, Ghostship, Digital Age, The Anchor Fellowship, and Martin Smith

#82 – We got this shiny brown bag from Hard Rock Las Vegas when Bear, my sister and I took our foreign exchange students there on vacation. We all got one and for that reason I have kept it.

When I went to throw it away I said to Aaron, “I’m going to get rid of the Hard Rock Cafe bag…”

I was hoping he would have some sort of emotional attachment to it as I did, but instead he responded with, “Yeah… it’s a $5 reusable bag.”

Ha! That made it easier…

#145 – Purchased by my bio dad, a men’s x-large t-shirt from Paw Paw’s Truck & Tractor Pull that I have worn a total of zero times

#186 – A pair of jeans I borrowed from a girl named Emeline in high school. Seriously, I’ve made great use out of these jeans over the past decade. Much thanks.

#189 – A black pair of flannel pajama bottoms the first night we stayed with our sweet Little Guy in the hospital (but I can’t get rid of the shirt I bought and held him in the next few nights)

#194 – A grey pair of Rockford Christian sweatpants I borrowed from Lauren and never returned. (If you read the series of entries, you’d recognize a pattern of borrowing and not returning. Simply put, it was my bad.)

#237 – A legit croqueted shirt that looks like a doily cloth. Confession: My mother-in-law loved it on me so I bought it. (Mom2: If you’re reading this, I did partially like it also at the particular moment in time.) This is first used shirt I’ve bought recently that I’m going to attempt putting back into consignment

#242 – A white blouse. Almost see-through. I wore it to two baby showers I threw last summer. Not only was it sentimental for those events alone, but my mom’s dear friend said something very kind to me while I was wearing it. I didn’t hop into my outfit for the party until after I had finished set-up, so I was in the bathroom when she walked in. We were putting our makeup at the mirror and making small talk when she said, “You’re doing a beautiful thing for you sister, being so excited for her. But I want you to know I see you. I know what it’s like to be the one throwing the baby shower for someone else when you’re dying to be a mother.” My heart melted on the spot, and it actually made everything easier from there on out. Not that I wasn’t overjoyed already, but you get it.

#245 – A gray sweater my mom bought when she came out in winter 2013 after our traumatic loss. She bought a small wardrobe of clothes from Goodwill to keep at our house. She wanted to be able to hop on a plane in the event that we needed her in the weeks to follow without having to worry about packing. The things a mother will do for her child. So sweet. Thankfully that chapter is over, and I can give this (and the other items) back to Goodwill.

There you have it, folks! If you’re having a hard time throwing things away writing was very therapeutic for me. ‘Ever heard the song “This Shirt” by Mary Chapin Carpenter? I grew up listening to that song in our fifteen passenger van, and who knows! Maybe I subconsciously soaked her attachment to that shirt into my bloodstream.





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