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June 7, 2015

So, we left off where I had taken an offer to work at a fabulous salon in an awesome city, and I was super pumped! Meanwhile, Bear and I’s hearts had been mending, and we were trying to figure out if there was something more we were supposed to do. We found ourselves in a place of prayer where we were asking God what He had in store for us next. We were asking for new opportunities and asking that His dreams for our lives be brought to our attention.

One day Bear’s co-worker, Ned, asked him if he knew of anyone selling their vehicle. Ned was in the market for a vehicle, and Bear seemed like a good person to ask. Bear didn’t know of anyone at the time, but he nonchalantly mentioned that we intended to sell one of our cars the following August (which at the time was a little less than a year away). I’m not really sure how Ned did the math on this, but he casually asked Bear if he’d be willing to sell one of our cars sooner, like in a week or two. (Ha!) Bear was taken a little off guard but decided to check in with his wife before he said no.

Later that night we had a conversation about how life would be with only one car. I was still finishing at the the little salon out in the country, and I needed a car to get there. Bear was working about an hour west of there, and he needed a way to get to work too.  Since our schedules were completely different, we visited the idea of him taking public transportation to work since his company pays for it. He’d already traveled by bus multiple times. He felt comfortable committing to it, and he enjoyed being able to read on his commute into work. By the end of that month I would be working less than a mile from his company, and we could then drive in together in our one car, Lil Blue. It seemed a little crazy, but it also seemed it would work. Bear told Ned the following day that we would sell the Pathfinder to him for whatever price Kelly Blue Book determined. He agreed. Next thing we know we’re down to one car. (At that point we were continuing to pray that God would show us His dreams for us.)

Now I’ve met Ned a time or two, but what I didn’t learn until later is that the man is direct in asking for what he wants. Bear came home a few days later and said, “How would you feel about selling the other car?” My response was something like, “Sorry, what?” But, see, I’m the type of woman who’s in this thing called life for the adventure. After some initial hesitation and a lengthy chat with Bear, we decided we’d sell Lil Blue to Ned a.) if he was willing to wait until the beginning of November for the car and b.) if he was willing to pay whatever price Kelly Blue Book determined. He agreed and waited the rest of the month to buy Lil Blue. (We were still praying.)

Hm. Two cars to zero cars in less than a month. Somewhere in the decision-making process we learned that the new salon I was offered a job at enabled me to receive free public transportation, so I began the brief process of getting an RTD pass. Next thing we know, we’re both taking public transportation to and from work, and everywhere else! At this point we wondered if minimizing our lives from two cars down to zero was part of the plan and despite not knowing, we decided we would try to have a blast with this new experience.

A couple of days before we sold Lil Blue I was at a friend’s house dropping some things off for them. (We had recently been to Seattle and had our first encounter with Marbles: The Brain Store. Needless to say, we wanted to buy every single thing in the store, but we couldn’t justify buying cool toys meant for kids for ourselves, so we decided to gift our friends who have some pretty cool kids.) So I went over there, and she gave me the update about their lives. They’re very neat people with a lot of passion, too, so it’s always a pleasure to hear about what they’re up to. So I listened, and we chatted, and I listened and we chatted some more, and then she said something to the effect of, “So, actually… something crazy is kind of happening. We’re going to be selling all of our things and moving to Peru this summer to work for a children’s home!”

Hooooraaay! This was amazing news to hear! Aside from this couple being a great fit for the job, it’s also just an amazing opportunity to give and to grow.

I can tell you at that moment a spark lit in my healing broken heart, and suddenly there was light in a place that hadn’t seen it in a while. There was hope in a place that forgot what hope looked like. And I wasn’t sure why I was feeling so filled with joy, but I was so happy for them! I mean, I guess I know why I was so filled with joy: they were pursuing the very thing my heart beats for!

We continued to chat about the exciting news, and I mentioned in passing that Bear and I had been praying about potential overseas opportunities. As we continued to chat I had this growing urge to just invite Bear and I along on their adventures, but I restrained. And that was that.

I went home, grabbed a side dish and met Bear at our neighbor’s house for dinner.

When I saw him I barely said hello. My brain was too busy glowing through my eyes, and he asked, “What’s up?”

“Uhh… R & R are moving to Peru to work for a children’s home!”

To which Aaron responded, “Sweet, when do we leave?”

I laughed and said something like, “I know, right? It’s awesome.”

The night continued, and my whole body felt warm. My brain was warm from dreaming; my body was warm from my brain; I had little tingly feelings all over. I just kept thinking about this place as if I had been there once and left part of my heart there.

We laid in bed that night deciding if it was rude to invite ourselves along to help them with whatever they needed. We prayed about it. The next morning we decided the worst thing that could happen if we asked is that they would say “no”. So what did we do?

We hopped on public transportation that morning, and I spent the entire commute trying to come up with two or three appropriate sentences to send to our friends that didn’t sound too direct but also didn’t beat around the bush in an annoying type of way. What to say, what to say!

The following profound (not!) words are what I produced:


We have a dilemma. Ever since our chat yesterday I can’t stop thinking about Peru.” [I mentioned I brought it up to Bear and about his excitement.]”Anyway, we realize we weren’t exactly invited per se, soooo are we allowed to invite ourselves? Haha!… I realize this is something you’d have to think and pray about, but do you have any thoughts on this?”


I can promise you (with my fingers crossed behind my back) that I did not check my inbox every five seconds after I pressed SEND.

Bless her heart for only making me wait for an hour and a half before she responded with the following:

“Haha! What’s so funny is that I was talking to R and mentioned to him that your hearts are overseas and for orphans. And he immediately said, “Well, tell them to come to Peru!” (smile emoticon) Seriously! We need people to come with us, and you guys would be awesome! We’ll be praying too for God to orchestrate the details if He’s leading you guys to do that.”

BOOM! The chips are in the bag! (What’s funny is that’s not a thing to say at all, but I’m calling it a thing.)

So, we continued to pray. We spent the next several months asking God to open doors and close doors and to make it evident if we were meant to be in Peru.

The next post is coming soon.



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