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Then All Day You’ll Have Good Luck.

January 14, 2015

Bear and I waited at the bus stop for the regional bus to come by this morning. When a local bus came by with the name of our bus on it, we were a bit confused. We briefly asked the driver if this was the bus we wanted to take and he said it was. Okay?

So, we found our seat and throughout the rest of the commute we enjoyed watching each person come on and ask the driver if this was the right bus. Ha. It was odd.

I spent the bus ride reading emails from adoption agencies I had contacted the day before, dreaming about our future children. Soon enough, it was time for me to grab the pully-thing and request to stop at my intersection.

Now, onto the subject of pennies…

We’ve heard the saying,

Find a penny, pick it up.

Then all day you’ll have good luck!

But what kind of good fortune awaits you if you find a dollar?

I was almost to the salon this morning when I noticed a folded dollar bill on the side of the street. It looked like it had been wet recently and then dried, likely from the snow melting around it. I bent down, picked it up and slid it in my pocket. A free dollar!

There's the lucky dollar.

There’s the lucky dollar.

Find a dollar, pick it up.

Then all… week(?) you’ll have good luck!

So, I’m hoping to have a great week!

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