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Then All Month You’ll Have Good Luck.

January 16, 2015

Ha! You wouldn’t believe…

As I was walking to work this morning I found another little treasure on the side of the road.

Here it is!

Here it is!

A brand new t-shirt from – no kidding – my favorite thrift store. That probably sounds like an oxymoron, but this thrift store sorts through donations/trades very well and often allows local people trying to sell their clothing do so.

When I first saw the shirt, I thought it was a rag or something. Then I did a double take and noticed a tag – a Buffalo Exchange tag. Huh.

Certainly someone did not mean to drop this t-shirt here. They’ll come back for it. I thought.

I took a few steps past the shirt allowing my childhood upbringing skills to help me make a decision about whether it was wrong or not to take a new shirt off of the road. Within a few steps I had made up my mind: This is my new shirt.

I didn’t even know what it looked like. In fact, it had small pavement debris on it and as though it had been stepped on. I considered that people might be watching me turn around to pick up a shirt off of the ground and shove it into the outside pocket of my gym bag. I figured that would look pretty pathetic, but I didn’t really care. So, I turned around and unfolded it a bit on the ground to see what it looked like.

Well, well, that looks like something I would definitely wear.

So, as decided, I rolled it up and shoved it into the pocket of my gym bag.

Done deal! I have a new t-shirt.

But what – I wonder – is the good fortune that comes with finding a new t-shirt (besides the obvious! Ha!)

Find a t-shirt, pick it up.

Then all… month(?) you’ll have good luck!

Now I’m hoping for a great month ahead.



Many good finds this week!

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