Bear Says New Hope

They call me, “El esposo de Samantha.”

September 15, 2015

20150811_072614We have been in Peru for just about a month now. We’ve found a place to live, gotten our grocery routine down, figured out how to get around in taxis and combis, and have made it to the children’s home a few times now. Every time I go to the home I see children that I’ve seen several times now and they ask me, “Cual es tú nombre?” I then tell them my name only to see a very confused look on their face. So I further explain, “Yo soy el esposo de Samantha,” and the lightbulb goes on. It’s humorous to Sam and I that I am referred to as the-spouse-of-Samantha. Once in a while someone will ask me my name and before I can answer someone who actually does know me chimes in on my behalf, “Él es el esposo de Samantha.” I just laugh, then tell them my name. I’m glad that Sam has made such an impression that everyone knows her and loves her, because when they find out I’m her husband they have great big smiles for me thinking I must be awesome if I’m married to Sam.

I’ve put a lot of effort into remembering their names, but it’s hard to put 48 faces to 48 names over the course of a handful of interactions. I had the great fortune to be able to help build an aviary for the new quail they’ve recently purchased. Quail eggs are actually a common thing here in Peru; you can purchase them in a pack of 18 or 24 at nearly every grocery store. They’re also quite tiny. When we were picking up the supplies for the aviary I got to know just a little bit better 7 of the boys at the home. When you build things with someone you establish a bond with them. You remember their faces, you remember getting your hands dirty, and holding ladders for each other, and building each other up at the same time you’re raising a building up. The next time I saw these boys they greeted me by name.

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