Before Perú Bus Life

Arguments on the bus.

February 5, 2015

Today was pretty uneventful on public transortation.

The most exciting part was when there was an argument between the bus driver and a man waiting for the bus.

It went down like this:

Man On Sidewalk asks if our bus was headed north.

Bus Driver says “No, South.”

Man On Sidewalk says, “What? But they told me you were headed north.”

Bus Driver says, “Well, I’m not.”

Man On Sidewalk responds, “Well, they told to me be on this side of the road for northbound.”

Bus Driver, “Well, they were misinformed.”

This went on for probably an entire minute, maybe two, of Man on Sidewalk explaining what he was told and the bus driver telling him he was told incorrectly.

The conversation ended and the driver closed the doors, leaving Man on Sidewalk on the sidewalk. And, then, he let out an audible and quite pleasant eff bomb.

“Don’t f***ing argue with me for five minutes,” he said as he drove away.

Did I mentioned it was maybe two minutes tops.

This is how bus life goes.

Oh, and the snow is melting from yesterday.



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