January 23, 2015

I haven’t blogged in days! I know what you’re thinking:

Wow, what a slacker!

But what if I told you that I sprained my thumb Monday evening?

Would I get an 11 on a scale of 1-10 for Pathetic?

Yeah, pathetic is precisely how it feels to be slightly immobilized because of thumb.

Tuesday morning around 3am I woke from my sleep when I rolled onto my hand.

Youch-y mama!

Instantly I was awake. I walked into the bathroom to find a blue thumb and some inflammation. At the point I was still half asleep so I had no idea where my little injury came from. When I woke later that morning I had narrowed it down.

Monday afternoon I was running outside with Frey (my faithful canine). Toward the end of the run I texted Bear to tell him we were close to the bus stop he’d shortly be getting off at. Frey and I wanted to meet him and walk home with him. Well, when Frey saw Bear she tried her best to sprint toward him only to be reminded that she was attached to a leash that was wrapped around my wrist. I remembered letting out an annoyed, “Frey! Ow!” But it hadn’t hurt for the rest of the evening so I forgot about it… until the butt crack of dawn when I rolled onto it.

Try texting your supervisor to tell her you have a sprained thumb! It feels pretty lame – not gonna lie. We had a class scheduled for Tuesday evening, so I wanted to let her know in advance that I had this issue and that I would try my hardest to have it repaired by evening. It’s a good thing she is a caring person because she insisted we move the class to a different date. Thank God we did, too, because my hand was not capable of performing by the time evening came around.

My chiropractor – who is a paid version of a best friend (i.o.w. I LOVE her!) – had time to get me in so I took a trip over to her. She worked on my hand for a half an hour or so. When I left my hand was pretty swollen, as the evidence of my sprain/slight jam(?) had worked its way up into my forearm.

Gosh, this sucker has HURT! Yesterday I still had to work at the salon. I’m just not to type to call in – even if I can’t use my hand. (Honestly, it wasn’t that bad of an injury, but it definitely hurt.) Today it feels much better though still bruised. I think by tomorrow it should be in ship-shape.

In more exciting news, my 8-month old nephew is officially waving… to ghosts. (Okay, not really, but my sister sent me a text today explaining how now that K-man is waving, he likes to wave all the time – even to nothing… which creeps her out and brings about a haunted feeling. She’s joking, people. But it’s still funny.)

And... a photo from bus life this week.

And… a photo from bus life this week.

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  • Reply Danielle January 23, 2015 at 5:32 am

    ouch! Your poor thumb! That sounds incredibly inconvenient and painful! Little Kman got a shout out! Thats so funny! He misses his auntie Sam!

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