Whole 30: Day 15

January 20, 2015

And now I offer you poem, written by yours truly:

Is it true? Could it be? Why yes, I’m halfway through Whole30!

Breakfast: roasted sweet potatoes with onion

Lunch: a chocolate cashew Larabar (totally Whole30 friendly and the closest thing I’ve eaten to chocolate in 15 days. Yuuummmm!!!) and a banana

Dinner: roasted veggies (parsnip, sweet potato, onion, carrot, and beets) with a touch of Yin Yang hot sauce on the side

I guess I didn’t eat much today. Hm? Well, I feel great so whatever I suppose.

Oh, and I should be mentioning in my posts what kind of exercise I’m doing, too. Today I put in 2.5 miles with my canine running buddy, Frey.

Finally, I’d like to share with you a quote from today’s email from Whole30. After reading about how my body shouldn’t be expediencing cravings anymore (which it doesn’t seem to be), they advise me not to lose alertness to potential cravings. They instruct me not to think that my body deserves a reward (a.k.a. a cheat) since I’ve been so well-behaved, and then they write: ‘On what planet is eating food that makes you less healthy a “reward”‘? So true!  Reminds me of the phrase, “Don’t reward yourself with food; you’re not a dog.”



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