Whole30: Day 13

January 17, 2015

I hope this is the most flavorfully-boring day of the Whole30, and I hope you don’t have your hopes up about what I’ve eaten. Ha!

Breakfast: sweet potato hash (basically I steamed sweet potatoes, yukon gold potatoes, heirloom carrot, fresh tomato, spinach, cilantro and onion in a pot with a bit of veggie broth at the bottom), add salsa verde and avocado slices over top

Lunch: same thing as breakfast

Dinner: same thing as breakfast

My stomach feels like it’s going to rupture! Holy Salsa Verde Batman! Never again.

Also, I offered to cook breakfast for Bear and his co-worker this morning, as his co-worker took time out of his weekend to help my hubby re-texturize the walls and ceiling in our kitchen. In addition to the hash, I made beautiful gluten-free pancakes that I so dearly wanted to eat. I have a habit when making pancakes of testing if the pan is hot enough by dropping a tiny amount of batter onto the pan, and I always eat the super miniature pancakes directly after they’re cooked. (We’re talking less than an inch by less than an inch. So cute!) As you know, I could not do that today.

Sad panda.

The good news is, though, that I was not actually that sad I couldn’t eat them. I was totally content with free smells and free smells alone.

The weather was gorgeous today, so I was glad to put three miles in with my little sis.

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