Whole30: Day 14

January 18, 2015

Today was another day similar to yesterday, but thankfully not quite the same.

Breakfast: We had Bear’s co-worker over again this morning to do some finishing touches on his work from yesterday. Today we roasted half sweet potatoes  and half regular potatoes  in fresh cilantro and some oil. I made pancakes again for the guys and put together a giant bowl of fruit (mostly berries and some sliced bananas.) Then we had some fresh orange juice on the side. I assumed it had a lot of natural sugar in it, so I only had a very small amount. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever had that small of a serving size of orange juice. I basically love citrus juices.

Lunch: I had left-overs. Yes, nice and boring. However, my stomach didn’t want to die this time because I ixnayed the salsa verde.

Dinner: tacos in butter lettuce with amazing guac with mango on the side

Snack: Go-Veggie bar

There was nothing else exciting about today in the realm of food.

Oh! But I should mention something weird that happened. The hot mud that the guys used to re-texturize the walls bothered me more than I could stand! I feel like my discord with it may have been similar to what a pregnant woman feels when she can’t stand a smell. There was nothing I could do to rid the smell. I even tried putting my fingers (which had freshly sliced garlic juice on them) in front of my noise. Oh my gosh. I’ve never had such a strange reaction to the smell of a chemical. And what’s worse is it kind of reminded me of something I had smelled in food before… I’m not sure if this is even real but I kept telling Bear it smelled both familiar and unbearable.

At one point I asked Bear, “Would you please read the ingredients on the hot mud and tell me what’s in it?

To which he replied, “Well, I’m pretty sure it’s gluten-free, and it’s probably dairy-free, too!”

Funny, really funny.

I hope this smell is gone by morning. I think I may go crazy if it lingers in our house. I honestly wonder if the removal of any and all chemicals from my diet is what has heightened my senses and has, therefore, caused this smell to be so much more noticeable that it was when Bear used it before my Whole30?

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