Whole30: Day 22, 23, 24 & 25

January 30, 2015

Ok, folks. I’m getting boring. I’m wondering if I should have included more of my actual journal entries relating to my physical and mental state during this process. I created these sheets to fill out every day and thankfully I’ve been great about doing that every day (even if I’m not as great as blogging.)

Here’s what I’ve eaten the past few days:

Breakfasts: roasted root veggies w/ ground buffalo; omelet with spinach, tomato and avocado; chocolate coconut chew larabar & large decaf latte with unsweetened almond milk

Lunches: blueberries w/ chocolate coconut larabar; spaghetti squash and some pineapple; spaghetti squash; salad (romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, olive oil, vinegar) w/ kiwi & a baby banana; grass-fed jerky

Dinners: spaghetti squash w/ buffalo sausage and grapefruit; sweet potatoes with a fried egg from the backyard and guac on top; like four freaking cups of kale (steamed) w/ 1/3 of a baked sweet potato & small amount of green beans or something; ground buffalo with sweet potato and avocado

Snacks: GoVeggie bar; Dang! Lightly salted coconut flakes; lemon larabar ; grapefruit; mango

Liquids: the most amazing Taste Nirvana coconut water; water

I’m noticing there is a really good chance I shouldn’t be eating egg. I don’t like egg anyway, and having been vegan for a couple of years I’m comfortable cooking with healthy egg substitutes, so it’s fine. Egg has left me nauseous and (tmi) backed up. Boo. I don’t like this feeling after the ways that I have felt on the Whole30.

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