Whole30: Days 16, 17 & 18

January 23, 2015

So I’ve been gone a few days due to minor injury. Minor as it was, it did prevent me from typing.

I’m still a bit bruised, but I’m going to at least record my meals as of recent.

You’ll notice I’ve removed the “vegan” portion to my blog titles because I’m not right now. Since I’ve discovered that this way of eating does not benefit me without high amounts of protein, I am eating meat fairly regularly – every couple days or so. This is something I’m having a really difficult time with, and I might write about that later, but for now I’d just like to record my meals and sign off. The hubby and I have a date after this.

Breakfasts: an omelet from a restaurant in town (their eggs are from a small farm down the road) with tomatoes, avocado and spinach; it came with cantaloupe (really good cantaloupe, btw!) and orange slices; oh, and I had some really delicious Earl Grey; another morning I repeated the omelet; then today I had a larabar with a banana oh and a latte with unsweetened almond milk

Lunches: a chicken sausage, small amount of roasted sweet potatoes with small amount of salsa verde; brussel sprouts, a salad, a bosc pear, jicama and a larabar; leftover roasted veggies (potatoes, broccoli and carrots)

Dinners: roasted purple potatoes, carrots and broccoli with diced avocado and sliced chicken sausage (one of the best things I’ve eaten on the Whole30), buffalo from an awesome brand called The Buffalo Guys over spaghetti squash with roasted sweet potato cubes and brussel sprouts mixed into it and a dash of cinnamon/cayenne over the top. So yummy!

I haven’t been snacking in the day much, and I also haven’t been great about water consumption the past couple of days. I should get on that. I’ve been a little distracted with how awesome the Whole30 results have been up until this point, but the past few days I’ve also had some really interesting episodes of anxiety. Today, in particular, I had a panic attack over something trivial (which is what I usually have them over, honestly!) But I haven’t felt like this since a week into the diet. Gosh. I’m baffled. I feel like something slipped into my food, like sugar or something. I have been very conscious about what I cook, and the same goes for when I order lattes. I’m just not sure what is going on, but I don’t like it.

Doesn’t mean I’m giving up, obviously. I’d just like this stage of my life – the stage where I’m battling hormones and all sorts of blood sugar related issues that cause a variety of reactions in my poor body – to be over.

I think that’s all for tonight. I’m tired.


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