Whole30 Vegan-style: Day 0

January 4, 2015

I’m optimistic.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling excited or even motivated in the least to begin this elimination cleanse. Being vegan, I have my reservations about cutting even more out of my diet.

Speaking of my diet eating lifestyle, let’s talk about that. I’m a vegan which means I don’t eat meat (incl. fish), dairy, eggs or processed crap pumped with chemicals. I read the label of everything I put in my shopping  cart, and if there is an ingredient I can’t pronounce or am uncertain whether it will benefit me or not, I don’t put it in the cart. I don’t eat soy, or tofu, or tempeh, or miso, or that seitan stuff (a piece of gluten intended to replace meat) or mushroom (especially since the zombi fungus epidemic). I don’t want to get into the argument of whether soy, or fungus, or gluten is good for you or not because what other people do with their body is totally up to them. As for me, I want to eat food that is as close to the earth as possible.

No, I don’t technically frolic around fields picking raspberries from their natural habitat and call it a meal (though I totally would if the opportunity presented itself.) I don’t eat completely raw like some of the mad pros out there, but I do try to incorporate a lot of raw into my eating lifestyle. I stray from gluten, and when I’m on a good track I’m typically grain-free.

But, seriously. Please don’t go assuming that my discipline skills  are anything amazing. If I’m on vacation and there is a gigantic piece of bread that accompanies my dish, I will absolutely eat it (the whole thing.) And I recently found out that my favorite local Mexican restaurant was putting pork in my refried beans. No wonder they were so good! It was, albeit, unintentional, but sometimes I do intentional things that lead my husband to wonder if I am what I say I am. (I may have recently on vacation eaten macaroni and (real) cheese – Beecher’s Cheese, in fact! And, so-help-me, if it appears at my doorstep ever, I will eat it again. I may be ordering it for my birthday this year as they do ship their ingredients overnight.)

I have a client, Officer Princess Awesome (who, by the way, looks great in a cape and tights), who mentioned the Whole30 detox in the fall, and my parents had done it last year, so I suggested that if she decided to follow through with the detox, I would do it with her. Officer Princess Awesome (let’s call her ‘Awesome’ for short) eats meat and egg, though, and I didn’t realize at the time that this detox would be so much easier (though still not easy!) if I, in fact, consumed those things. Oh well, I had already told her I would do it, and I suppose I like a challenge. Who doesn’t want to feel better all around and possibly drop a few pounds?

I saw her right before the new year hit, and she informed me she would be starting the cleanse on January 5th. At the time it was right around the corner, and with having barely planned for it, I was still both feet in. I started Pinteresting (since “Pinterest” is now a westernized verb) and getting my pantry ready, eliminating the no-no’s mostly by way of consumption. Ha. Yes, I just admitted that.

Today I have also decided to subscribe to their daily emails that you can only receive if you pay an initial fee of $15. It seems a bit silly if you’re not doing the Whole30 to subscribe to these, but I want to do this thing successfully, and if that means I’m paying $.50/email for the next 30 days so be it!

In addition to the subscription, I had all of their downloadables printed out for easy access. I even made up my own journal format on Google Doc that I could print out 30 sheets of. (For my own boost, I did use recycled paper for this.) The document covers information like sleep, meals, cravings, mental and physical status for each day. If you’re doing the Whole30 and want me to forward this to you to fill out yourself, please send me a hello!

Tonight Bear (without complaining) took a few scantily clad photos of my midsection so I have something to compare back to in 30 days. I also took a photo of the side of my face which has had random acne coming and going for months now. Hmm, what else, what else. Ah! I weighed myself and don’t plan to weigh myself again until February 5, like they suggest.

I plan to share a portion of this experience with you. Most likely, my meals will show up on this space and some random photos. (No, I’m not a food photographer, but I promise not to post a photo if it looks really unappealing.) If anything noteworthy happens, I’ll probably tell you about it, but I’ll try and spare you of the crazy I will probably have to endure in the initial phase of the cleanse. (That might be a naive statement. This cleanse may  just make me crazy for an entire thirty days. Ha.)

My goals for this cleanse are mostly to cleanse my mind. I’ve been struggling with some serious depression and anxiety for just over a year now. Bear and I recently made a link between my mind’s struggles and sugar. Granted, I don’t eat much refined sugar, but I have noticeable reactions around the time I consume anything that even breaks down into a lot of sugar (i.e. a potato, gluten-free bread, etc.) So, I’m looking forward to cutting it out entirely to see how my mind responds to it all. Of course, I’d like to also cleanse my colon and hopefully that will reduce any symptoms of leaky gut that I’ve had. Then, there are other things like this chronic knee problem I’ve been having since the summer. I’m not sure that this cleanse will address this, but I’ll take whatever I can get from this.

Take always requires give, so I plan to give the next thirty days all I’ve got.

I’m grateful to have been inspired initially inspired by my parents, and then kicked in the rear by Awesome, to start addressing the issues of my body. All three of them will be doing this alongside me. In addition to these three, Red from the salon will also be doing the Whole30.

I wish much success to you all, though I know this will only happen through much patience and self-control (so I wish that for you, too!) May you all find what you’re looking for out of this 30-day experience.

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