Whole30 Vegan-style: Day 1

January 6, 2015

Day 1: Relax.

I hadn’t planned for my 90 minute massage to line up with the start date of my Whole30 cleanse, but it did which works perfectly. After 90 minutes of bliss this morning, I headed home with the exception of a quick stop at the grocery store. (You can read more about bus life for today here.)

I’ve tried Pinteresting a fair amount of meal ideas in the past couple days, but I feel I do have quite a few meals I already eat that are Whole30-approved. So, I’ll be sticking to some more familiar meals for the first few days of my detox.

As for the thing I picked up at the store…

Almonds, raw, organic


Broccoli, organic

Carrot, pre-sliced so that it resembles a chip





Green beans, frozen, organic

Green onion



Mixed greens

Raspberries, frozen

Spaghetti squash

I think I’ll be able to make a fair amount of meals from these ingredients, in addition to some of the things I have waiting at home (cashews, tomato products, vegetable broth, etc.)

Something I looked into today is the idea of incorporating essential oils into this detox process. I had been researching essential oils a while back and had decided I would probably end up using a brand called Native American Nutritionals. Young Living and DoTerra seem to be the most commonly advocated brands and they may be good, but Native American Nutritionals seemed to be the best of the three when I compared them next to each other.

Well, the problem is if I’m going to use these along with my cleanse I need something today. I need something easily accessible, and it’d be great to have someone who can just teach me about the things I want to try. Fortunately, my massage therapist uses DoTerra, and quite frankly,  I had read about their Zendocrine oil online last night and kind of wanted it. So, my gal gave me all the info I would need for complimenting my cleanse with DoTerra. So, Bear and I have decided we’re going to give DoTerra a try. I’m looking very forward to complimenting my cleanse with these products. Have any of you used any of DoTerra’s cleansing products? Any success stories?

Well, Day 1 is done, and I have only 29 more to go!

. . . . .

Breakfast: a green apple

Lunch: a bag of organic, frozen green beans; a handful of slivered almonds; a splash of avocado oil; and Bragg’s 24 Spices and Herbs seasoning; heat in a pan and voila!


Dinner: Sweet Potato Chili with Jalapeno-Lime Cashew Cream drizzle and fried shallots

(Chili: Orange bell pepper, onion, garlic, jalapeno, sweet potato, diced tomato, vegetable broth, avocado oil, chili powder, cayenne powder, sea salt)

(Cashew cream: Cashews, water, jalapeno, cilantro, lime, garlic, sea salt)

(Fried shallots: shallots, almond flour, sea salt, pepper)

Snacks: a grapefruit, homemade sweet potato chips w/ YinYang Hot sauce

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