Whole30 Vegan-style: Day 6

January 10, 2015

Hello Saturday. We’re not friends today.

I woke up this morning not feeling well.

My throat was warm and felt like someone had their hands wrapped around it – not strangling, just tight. ‘Know the feeling? The left side of my head hurt. My eyes felt swollen, and I couldn’t stand to look at the light. I was shaking and nauseous. I also had sticky saliva. (I overheard someone at the salon the other day saying how sticky saliva is tied to having too much yeast… maybe my body is fighting off yeast build-up from all the crap I ate before this.)

I stayed in bed for a couple hours after taking some ibuprofen and drinking some Doterra Lemon Oil water. Oh, and I wore one of those masks made out of beans or something over my eyes. The pressure always feels amazing to me and blocked out the light for those couple of hours so I could rest.

And rest I did! Voila! I woke up 95% better with some a few subtle symptoms lingering throughout the day. My only complaint for today is how bloated I am! For eating so little these past several days I don’t appreciate looking 12-weeks pregnant. The only way I would every appreciate looking 12 weeks pregnant is if I were 12 weeks pregnant. Then, that would be totally acceptable (and awesome.)

As usual:

Breakfast: “Monkey” cereal (cashews, coconut flakes and banana)

Lunch: a gigantic salad (mixed greens, heirloom carrot, cherry tomatoes, green onion, pepitas, some spoonfuls of left over sweet potato from last night); and OH-SO-YUMMy cauliflower bake that I’m definitely going to give myself props for creating. Here’s the thing, you want to try this at some point in 2015, probably sooner than later. Message me for the recipe. Oh, but it is pretty high in calories and fat content because of the nuts, so if that’s not your thing, just ixnay the whole idea. I also made a cup of beet, apple, ginger and lime fresh-pressed juice. Very good as well. (I sometimes wonder if women back in the day used beets as makeup. It stains the skin so easily, and it isn’t a bad color…? Whenever I drink beet juice I always end up with natural lipstick.)

Snacks: I did end up eating another serving of the Monkey cereal, but I was sick after. I think it’s because I had so much food in my stomach at mid-afternoon.

>>>Let me first make a brief comment about dinner. I have been incredibly low on energy the past couple of days because my calorie intake has been between 700 and 900. That’s incredibly low. I have been eating a lot, but my sources of food were just low in calories. So, I decided to eat meat for just a couple of days until my energy levels raise. I’m not trying to pass out or something because I’m not getting enough to eat.

Dinner: 2 chicken sausages and a grapefruit

I haven’t been drinking enough water or working out enough, but the new week begins the day after tomorrow. I’m glad to have taken the first week easier on myself so my body can get used to all of the changes. I intend to hit the gym in this coming week and to work on my water intake.

At the beginning of this I remember telling Aaron that I love broccoli roasted in olive oil and salt. I told him I could eat it every day for the rest of my life.

But it’s no longer true.

I am so tired of broccoli. I’ve had it almost every night for dinner, roasted with oil and salt on it. I don’t want to eat it one more night… nor sweet potatoes. This should explain my reason for eating two pieces of meat by themselves for dinner. I usually can’t even swallow meat, but it was so good to have a change.

I wish sweet potatoes weren’t the only potatoes you can have on the Whole30. Booo.

Day 6 down. 24 more to go.



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