Whole30 Vegan-style: Day 7

January 11, 2015

Congratulations to Red, & Awesome for making it to the last day of Week 1! Mom and Dad, you’re almost there! Three more weeks to go, everyone!

Breakfast: sweet potato hash (sweet potato, onion, kale, tomato and chicken sausage)

Lunch: a piece of chicken sausage

(I think I have acquired my nutrients by now. I only purchased a 4-pack of chicken sausage, and they’re officially out so I should be set to continue with my veganism on this journey. We’ll see…)

Dinner: Greek salad (romaine, tomato, cucumber, pepperoncini, no kalamata olives or feta) with their oil and vinaigrette dressing.

I learned two things tonight:

1. The red wine vinegar I just ate in my salad is not permitted. Bummer. I was being so intentional, and when I asked the server what was in the dressing and I heard vinegar, I just assumed it was fine.

2. Sweet potatoes are not the only potato allowed. Having Red inform me of this last night was the equivalent to some as being handed a giant bowl of Cookie Dough ice cream and being told it’s not bad for you. Thhhhaaaannnkkk yyyooouuuu, Red, for being so diligent in keeping up with reading the book, “It Starts With Food,”  so you could deliver such beautiful news.

Now I just have to make sure I don’t eat white potatoes for every meal. I was reading on Whole30’s website that white potatoes are high in energy and that you shouldn’t eat them unless you’ll be using a lot of energy. So, this means that unless I get my butt in gear and start  working out that I will not allow myself to eat a potato.

On the way home from a fun night with Red and this lovely community of people we had the privilege of hanging out with tonight, Bear and I started talking about white potatoes.

Me: I’m so excited I can have white potato… but I was reading that white potato has a lot of energy in it so I should not eat a lot of them unless I’m active that day and need the energy.

Bear: Yeah… ya know you can power a clock with a white potato…

Me: Bull crap!

Bear: No,  I’m serious. All you have to do is plug the wires into the potato and it exerts enough energy.

Me: (baffled and amazed) That’s stupid.

Bear: (laughs) That’s science.

So, I ask you readers, have you ever tried this? Or even heard of it?

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