Whole30 Vegan-style: Day 8

January 13, 2015

Today just kind of came and went without even asking me first!

Breakfast: “Veggie-Go’s” chewy fruit & veggie snack (berries, spinach, apples, sweet potato and nothing else.) I’m not sure how allowed these are, but they’re technically allowed so I had it. I also had a half of  granny smith apple that I shared with Red and some of her almond butter. I’m still trying to find an almond butter that I like.

Lunch: three stalks of celery with YinYang hot sauce, a handful of raspberries, a small handful of almonds, uhhhhmmm… a half of a blood red orange (or at least I think it was that) and Oh! three Lemon Go-Raw cookies. They’re actually really yummy when you can’t have sugar. Aside from the fact that they’re each the size of a quarter, it settled any cookie craving I may have had.

I got pretty bad stomach pains after lunch. I think it may have been the hot sauce… I don’t recall getting these stomach problems any other days this past week, though, and I’ve had the sauce before. Hmmm… I’ll have to be on the look out!

Dinner: Alright, people. I don’t know what’s getting to me, but I am going to have meat again tonight. Mind you, all of the meat is as fairly raised as I can find and it’s free of all the pumped nasties, but it is still meat, animal tissue that I don’t believe was ever meant for consumption. I’m not sure how to go about calling myself vegan, but I’m going to let this process be as organic as necessary to succeed and obtain the full benefits of this cleanse. I do hope to get back on a strictly regimented diet of from-the-earth foods and no animal products, but tonight I’m going to eat it. We haven’t yet eaten, but I have instructed Bear to bring home a yummy green vegetable to pair it with – like brussel sprouts or asparagus.

Good night, Day 8.

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