Whole30 Vegan-style: Days 10, 11, 12

January 16, 2015

Sorry, folks! I haven’t been very good about blogging the past couple of days. Oh, no! What will I ever do to make it up to my one subscriber? (Ha.)

In order to avoid boring you to pieces, I’m just going to conglomerate the breakfasts, lunches and dinners I’ve had over the past few days.

Breakfasts: Monkey cereal (raspberries, bananas and coconut flakes in almond milk), cherry pie larabar

Lunches: leftovers from dinners the past couple of days, carrot, banana, salad w/ apple cider vinegar/olive oil dressing, grapefruit

Dinners: mashed potato/cauliflower, ground bison; tacos w/ butter lettuce “tortilla”, amazing guacamole; roasted veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, beets, parsnips, onion, etc.)

Oh, and on a side note, I learned how to cut an onion without crying! Works like a charm!

Snacks: amazing guacamole with carrot “chips”, raspberries, kiwi, grapefruit, lightly salted toasted coconut flakes (by the brand Dang!), and this dessert Bear made for me (almond butter, cocoa powder, dates, coconut oil)

I haven’t craved much lately, but I’d certainly be glad to eat a cookie if someone put one in my face. I must say, though, as yummy as a cookie sounds, Bear did make cookies the other night. I got a couple free smells, but I was content with not tasting.

The one struggle I’ve been having the past couple days is that I am bloated, so bloated. Any weight that I’ve lost I feel like I’ve gained back.

Apparently many people feel bloated on Day 10 & 11, so I’m hoping this passes soon. My chiropractor is suggesting that my bloating feels like it isn’t going away because Ive been eating some meat, and it’s possible my body doesn’t know what to do with meat yet.

The past week and a few days I haven’t put a lot of attention into working out. But I just caught up on the daily emails I receive from Whole30 and apparently it’s okay to have been focusing the last ten days on doing well with the food part of this cleanse. Now that it’s Day 12, though, I should probably get out there. Now that the food portion is coming more easily to me, I’m going to try and push myself to get out and run. In fact, just yesterday I was telling Bear that I wished the sun would come out and melt all the snow so I could run outside again. I really enjoy running outside. Being on a treadmill is kind of pointless. I won’t argue with those who enjoy it, but I personally don’t like the feeling of running mile after mile and still being in the same place when I’m done. Back to the initial point I was trying to make… the sun has come out today and is melting ALL of the snow. Ha. Be careful what you wish for!

Yesterday the email I received from Whole30 focused on stress reduction. For the past fifteen months the stress levels in my life have been so high that many parts of my body stopped functioning. My mind has become a mess because of my hormones; my adrenal glands don’t work anymore; my blood sugar levels have dropped to lower than ever; my body isn’t absorbing a lot of basic nutrients which leaves me weak. I could go on about my ailments, but the point is that I truly think stress is ultimately what caused my body to fall apart. I can say we recently had some very stress-relieving things take place so a lot of stress has naturally gone away. What else can I be working on, though?

I suppose I could continue removing clutter from our house, which translates to removing clutter from our lives for me. Bear and I have been working on eliminating things from our lives. Quite frankly, I have way more crap shoved into the cracks and crevices of our house than he does, so I’m mostly the one getting rid of things. I’ve actually thought about blogging about some of my really strange attachments to things I am forcing myself to get rid of… I still have things from Junior High that I can’t seem to say goodbye to. Ha. I have t-shirts from old camps that I’ve said I am going to make a quilt out of for the past couple of years that are sitting in bags. I have weird knick knacks laying around that I don’t even want because they’re old or ugly, but I can’t toss them. My Mom could tell you where I inherited this problem from, and it’s not her; it’s likely from my dad. He still has all of my baby clothes, baby toys, almost my entire teddy bear collection, all of my books from childhood, etc. laying around in his garage. I get that it’s sentimental, but really… that’s not healthy. He’s not like one of those people who belongs on one of those hoarder TV shows, but I don’t want to end up like him in that way – storing stuff in my garage like that. It feels liberating to throw things away, and I’ve found that it’s totally possible if I take the time to journal about the item. I forget how many items I’ve either donated or recycled at this time, but it’s over two hundred. WHOA!

The amazing guac I've been making the past couple of days. My rule of thumb is to add zesty-tang until satisfied!

The amazing guac I’ve been making the past couple of days. My rule of thumb is to add zesty-tang until satisfied!

A dessert Aaron made for me.

A dessert Aaron made for me.

My Facebook post for the day: Photos like this are extremely provocative and should not be allowed in magazines! ‪#‎whole30‬ ‪#‎mewantcookies‬ #sunsetmagazine

My Facebook post for the day: Photos like this are extremely provocative and should not be allowed in magazines! ‪#‎whole30‬ ‪#‎mewantcookies‬



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